One Night With Zorro

A Masked Lover--

Nick O'Brien, masquerading as Zorro, had once charmed a pretty coed out of her innocence. Today, the lady doesn't know he was her masked lover, until…

An American Dreamer--

Julia Preston, lace proprietor, likes all things traditional. So Nick's checkered past hardly fits. Except she'd fallen in love one night--with ZORRO!

(Trade paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-59088-963-3

ISBN: 978-1-59088-010-4

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   4.75 STARS ~ Excellent
"I really enjoyed this book. In today's world of fast-paced quick-fix, this book was as refreshing as a spring rain. The traditional values that Julia holds to are an inspiration to young women who are dreaming of love, as well as a touh of grace for those women who are a bit more mature and think love no longer exists."
Lori Graham, Once Upon A Romance

4 STARS ~ Romantic Times BookClub Magazine!
"The history of Nick and Julia's ancestors interspersed in this contemporary tale was just the icing on this delectable cake!"
Kathy Boswell, Romantic Times BookClub Magazine

FIVE STARS ~ Affaire de Coeur!
“This modern romance sizzles right off the page. Zorro lights a fire that smolders for three long years before bursting into flame once again! Along the way, there's lots of humor and laughs and special moments that make this book a definite 5 stars!”
Lani Roberts, Affaire de Coeur

4.75 STARS ~ Excellent
ONE NIGHT WITH ZORRO is a sensual, character driven romance with a magical legacy as a building block."
Tracy Farnsworth, The Romance Readers Connection

Karen Hudgins, an amazing new talent who wowed us with Next Year's Promise, has done it again with her second contemporary romance, ONE NIGHT WITH ZORRO. She blends American settings with European in a way that seems to transcend time. This is a wonderful book. Characters and plot are multi-faceted and fascinating. Expect to hear the name Karen Hudgins again and again."
Betty Jo Schuler, author of Winning Chance

"The characters seemed so real that I felt that I was part of the plot! I enjoyed it from cover to cover." --
Jalyn Koen, Reader


Julia sank into the folding chair. “You’re imagining things.”

Nick set down his soda. “Says the woman who kisses air?”

Julia took another sip of water. Impossible. The man wouldn’t let up. What did he want from her, anyway? Forgiveness for his part in messing up her future? Her affection, from one stolen night and one recently stolen kiss? Friendship. Sheesh. Think again.

His voice recaptured her attention. “And what’s interesting is that you seem satisfied with him.”

Julia blinked. “Him who?”

“Your dream lover,” he said matter-of-factly.

“I am not. What’s more, I don’t have—”

“That helps.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Excuse me, but the last time I kissed anyone it was you. And your lips are real,” he added, lowering his voice to almost a whisper. “And hot and very sweet.”

Julia widened her eyes and her pulse shot off the scale.

“I think we should end this conversation right now.”

“Thing is, by the look on your face when I saw you, all puckered up and misty-eyed and pretty, I figure Dream Lover must do it better.”

“That’s not true,” she blurted, suddenly wanting to zip her mouth shut forever. Truth was nobody had ever done it better than Nick. This was part of the reason why she hadn’t been herself since Tuesday night. Just the touch of his lips on hers blazed a path into her heart, ready to be explored.